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Modern Architecture

Steam Cleaning Specialists

As professional building cleaners, whether it be brick cleaning or stone cleaning Steam & Stone Restoration has been working with the Thermatech system to restore buildings suffering from all kinds of dirt and grime, including algae and moss growth, fungi, and other biological matter. The system involves using superheated water to kill off spores and ensure there is no regrowth, meaning your masonry and brickwork will look perfect for many years to come. 

Why should you choose our system? There are plenty of benefits, but ultimately it’s a gentle cleaning system that requires no chemicals and is a wonderful, environmentally friendly way of cleaning any building wall. The temperature of the water or steam does all the hard work, while water pressure is low and gentle, limiting damage and avoiding complete saturation of the surfaces.  This method of cleaning is approved by the English Heritage for the restoration of buildings. 


We would be very happy to provide you with a written estimate for cleaning at your property. Please get in touch and one of estimators will work with you regarding your restoration project. 

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